Sunday, December 23, 2012

Absolutely Stunning Katibawasan Falls in Camiguin Island

Finally, I had a chance to explore the great falls (Katibawasan Falls) in Camiguin Island. This is my first time to visit in Northern part of Mindanao particularly in the Pearl-shaped Island commonly known as Camiguin Island. 

In history, Camiguin Island is derived from the native word "Kamagong", a species of the ebony tree in which can be describe as a dense black wood or heavy woods and obtuse enough to sink in water. Camiguin Island was part of Misamis Oriental and it became a sub-province in 1958. In June 18, 1966, was made into a separate province. Camiguin Island was formally inaugurated in 1968. Mambajao is the capital Municipality of Camiguin Island.

By visiting Camiguin Island also requires that you make a few choices. Camiguin Island is excellent and many attractions including Ardent Hot Spring, Sunken Cemetery, Church Ruins, White Island, Mount Hibok-Hibok and Katibawasan Falls.

Considering, Katibawasan falls was my first stopped for this trip. Permit me first to explore and share my great experience for this Falls. Like everyone said, Katibawasan Falls is absolutely stunning and clear waterfall plunges about 76 meters. The falls is surrounded by wild ferns, huge trees, ground orchids and boulders. A magical place to all locals and nationals, a very relaxing falls and has its unique beauty. You can really feel the water splashing on you.

Katibawasan Falls is an ideal place to cool off during summer as it provide a very cold water, a refreshing splash and there is no reason to not go swimming because the falls really invites you to go and swim and Yes! I did, I swam for about 10-15 minutes for me to experience the extreme cold water of Katibawasan Falls. Hehehe.

Indeed, I was really impressed and it was an awesome experience. It is pretty cool to visit Katibawasan Falls and you will have a better experience.

An entrance fee of Php15.00 for adults and Php6.00 for children.

Thanks for this picture Mr.
How to get there
From Cagayan de Oro City, you can take a bus located at the Agora Market and take a bus bound for Balingoan and travel time is about 2 hours. At Balingoan, you can walk towards Balingoan ferry terminal and take a ferry boat bound for Camiguin Island. It will take an hour before you can reach Benoni Wharf of Mahinog, fare is Php170.00.

You can contact Camiguin Provincial Tourism Office at (088)3871097 loc. 119-120.

Daily Schedule of Trips

From Balingoan (M/V Yuhum)
05:45 AM
12:30 PM

From Benoni (M/V Kalinaw)
05:00 AM
01:00 PM

Enjoy Katibawasan Falls.

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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Itinerary for Mt. Lanaya (Kalo-Kalo Peak) via Legaspi Trail Alegria, Cebu

Mt. Lanaya (Kalo-Kalo Peak), Alegria Cebu is towering around 720 Meters Above Sea Level (MASL). To reach Mt. Lanaya, climbers enthusiast have to board a Bus from South Bus Terminal going to Bato-Samboan. Just tell the bus driver to drop you off at Barangay Legaspi infront of Barangay Hall and this is your entry point to reach Mt. Lanaya.

Day Trek Only

0100 - Meetup South Bus Terminal
0200 - Take bus from South Bus Terminal to Alegria
0500 - ETA Alegria
0600 - Registration for free (Barangay Hall)
0630 - Breakfast (Bring your own Food)
0700 - Start Trek via Legaspi Trail
1100 - ETA Mt. Lanaya Kalo-Kalo Summit, picture taking.
1200 - Lunch at Summit
1300 - Off to Barangay Lumpan
1400 - ETA Barangay Lumpan, ride Habal-habal to Alegria Proper
1500 - ETA Alegria (Snacks)
1600 - Off to Cebu City
2000 - Home sweet Home...

Estimated Expenses

South Bus Terminal - Alegria - Cebu City (Php296.00)
Habal2x from Lumpan to Alegria Proper (Php15.00)
Food and Snacks (Other expenses) Php (Php150.00)
Guide Fee (Php500.00) per day

Total Estimated Budget = Php 961.00/person.

Note: If you are in a group you can save for the guide fee.

Carefully pick your climbing clothes before venturing Mt. Lanaya.

What to Bring/Things to Bring/What to Wear.

Food (Breakfast and Lunch)
Water (2 Liters each)
Trail Food
Bandana or small hat to keep off the sun
Good hiking socks
Close shoes
Poncho/Rain Coat

Happy Climbing and be Safe. :)

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Monday, December 10, 2012

Gibitngil - The Funtastic Island of Medellin, Cebu

Where I have been at this time?

If you are an adventurous kind of person and you are not afraid of heights like me?... I will take you there in Medellin and let us explore their famous island (Gibitngil Island - also known as Funtastic Island). You can spend some quiet time alone on this Island with your friends and with your family. Here, you can do zip lining, kayaking, cliff jumping or just merely swimming and enjoying the crystal clear waters.

The island is gorgeous, so calming and with affordable cottages you can choose from. Small cottages ranging from Php50.00-Php150.00 and big kiosk on top is Php250.00 only. If you want to have a medium kiosk with diving board you can have it for Php200.00, so do with medium cottage with grilling area for Php200.00 only. An entrance fee of Php10.00 per person. There is no resort in the island. Gibitngil island is only using solar energy as source of electricity. I advise all visitors to bring their own foods, no restaurant available at the island as of this time.

For those seeking breathtaking adventure in Northern part of Cebu? Gibitngil Island is right for you. Try their cliff jumping (30-40 feet high). Though, it sounds fun but also a little scary. So worth it.

I could not believe that some people actually jump off the cliff. And you would never believe that I had a great time and I survived their tombstoning for 8 times. Hehehe. For your safety, make it sure that the water is deep enough. Safety must come first.

I would personally say that Gibitngil Island has it all and is an ideal place or funtastic place to be.

How to get there

From North Bus Terminal one could take any bus (Ceres Buses) heading to Medellin and is approximately a three-hour ride from North Bus Terminal. You can take and an airconditioned or  non-aircon bus. Php150.00 fare for an airconditioned and Php 143.00 for non aircon bus.

From barangay Kawit, Medellin you can hire a pumpboat for Php 1500.00 good for 20 people. 

 Enjoy the Funtastic Island...

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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Hidden Beach Resort in Aloguinsan, Cebu - Hidden Treasure That Should Be Discovered

Need a break from extremely irritating work? then, have a Hidden Beach Resort in Aloguinsan.

Head for your paradise at Hidden Beach Resort in Aloguinsan, Cebu. I have heard about this resort and wondering why is it called by many a Hidden Beach Resort? is it really hidden? or what? Join me here and let us explore the Hidden Beach Resort in Aloguinsan, Cebu.

Hidden Beach Resort is such a paradise that is about to explore or discover by many locals and nationals. Aloguinsan has this hidden treasure that need to be discovered and an eco-tourism that everyone should not miss. Perfect getaway for everyone (company outing, birthday party and more).

It is advisable to bring food and drinks from the city and you can cook with your own food there.

How to get there

 There are four routes that you can choose from with an estimated travel time of 1 to 2 hours.

Aloguinsan can be reached by public buses or public utility vehicles (Van for hire) from Cebu South Bust Terminal in Cebu City or from Citilink.

You can take a bus from South Bus Terminal to Carcar City with an estimated fare of Php 50.00-60.00. From Carcar City to Aloguinsan you can ride a Habal-habal (Php 150.00-160.00).

You can directly take a bus from South Bus Terminal to Aloguinsan (Php 80.00-100.00) direct trips are rare and most of the time direct trips are available on weekends only.

You can also go to Aloguinsan via Toledo. From Citilink to Toledo Terminal you can take a V-hire (Php 100.00-120.00). Then from Toledo to Aloguinsan you can hire a public utility jeepney (Php 35.00-40.00)

Or you can take a V-hire from Citilink to Pinamungajan (Php100.00-120.00) and from Pinamungajan to Aloguinsan you can hire a tricycle (Php15.00-20.00)

From the highway of Aloguinsan, you can ride a motorbike (habal-habal) or a tricycle to reach Hidden Beach Resort. An entrance fee of Php10.00 will be collected and you can rent their native tables for only Php150.00 and cottages for only Php250.00 (day use only).

Have fun and be safe!

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Friday, November 23, 2012

Astonishing Baluarte - A Heritage Park in Aloguinsan, Cebu

After our Hidden Beach Resort escapade and after Uncovering Bojo River in Aloguinsan. The group decided to visit the Baluarte - a heritage park in Aloguinsan, Cebu and it is located behind the Aloguinsan Municipal Hall.

A 4th class Municipality in the province of Cebu. Aloguinsan was formerly a barrio of Pinamungajan. It was created a town by the Royal Decree of the King of Spain in 1886.

Due to limited time we were not really able to appreciate much the historical significance of the Baluarte unless more time is granted to enjoy the place. But we had so much fun with the great views of the ocean, the cool breeze and the panoramic view of the town of Aloguinsan. The good thing here, you can see the ruins of the Baluarte or watchtower that was made during the Spanish era.

The view is absolutely astonishing, by the way. and I bet it would be nice looking at the sunset from there.

The most unforgettable experience with my UBers (United Backpackers) family. Come and discover Baluarte. Enjoy the hidden treasure of Aloguinsan, Cebu.

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Friday, November 16, 2012

Uncover Bojo River in Aloguinsan Cebu

After getting tired and stressed from work, I decided to go on for a trip to help me unwind and for me to uncover and explore Bojor River. I was captivated the beauty of Bojo River and one can not be considered to have visited Aloquinsan if you completely missed Bojor River in your trip. It is not just the foreign tourists who want to know which are the best places to visit in Cebu but also locals like me. Bojo River is a great place to visit, hanging out with your friends and love ones. The place is truly a perfect getaway to have some fun while learning to appreciate the beauty of nature at the same time. 

The trip was awesome and I was able to spend time with my friends (United Backpackers - Cebu Edition). I did not actually plan it to visit the place. Unfortunately, our trip was not really that smooth sailing because it was low tide at that time. Indeed, we had so much fun. 

The experience in Bojo River gave me an understanding on how a river should looked like a river that we should take good care of. The place is known to the locals and you do not need to worry about the direction, you can ask some of the locals there. 

The Municipality of Aloguinsan takes pride in communities that take an active part in the protection and conservation of its natural resources. The Municipality of Aloguinsan is also called by many the "Ecotourism Capital of Cebu". 

How to get there 

Aloguinsan can be reached by Private Utility or Public Utility Vehicles. Since, I am a less fortunate individual on this planet earth. Hehehehe. I rode a bus bound for Toledo City at Cebu South Bus Terminal Station. The fare is less than Php100.00, sorry folks I couldn't remember the exact fare for this trip. The travel time is approximately 1.5 hours. Tell the conductor or the bus driver to drop you at the Municipality of Aloguinsan. Take a tricycle or habal-habal and tell the driver that you are visiting Bojo River. If your in a group you can easily hire a van from Citilink directly to the place. 

Happy Sailing and Explore Bojo River!

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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Experience the Best of Boracay Island - The Best Island in the World

Boracay Island

If you want a very relaxing, relatively empty, much quieter and is very different from those beaches in Boracay then do not vacillate to explore Puka Beach. This is a good spot for a picnic. If you are planning to visit Puka Beach, it is advisable to bring your own foods and drinks for you to save some expenses... Hehehe.

To get there: You can hire a tricycle in less than 15-20 minutes from central white Beach. Puka Beach is considered as the second longest beach with deeper and rougher water than other beaches in Boracay. Puka Beach is famous for having plenty of puka shells.

Boracay Island

Experience the best of Boracay! Boracay is a beautiful island located in Panay Island in the central area of the Philippines ( Western Visayas) it is about 200 miles or approximately 315 km. from Manila or from nearby places such as Cebu and Davao. Tricycles are the primary mode of transportation on the island. Boracay has been named the Best Island in the World by an International Travel Magazine. You can reach Boracay by air or sea. So come and join with me in Boracay, let's explore the fantastic beauty of Boracay Island.

Boracay Island

Find great hotels in Boracay that will surely fit your budget. Boracay offers you beachfront convenience at affordable rates or you can choose hotels that are conveniently located just footsteps away from white beach.

Boracay Island

Pasalubong Corner - Here, you can buy or bring a pasalubong with your friends and with your family.

Souvenir items are everywhere in Boracay. If you want to have some you can buy one of them. Lols... Sorry, I forgot to ask the price, maybe is quite expensive and can't afford to have it because on a shoestring budget. Hahaha.

Boracay Island

My best shot in Boracay... Hehehe. More photos in Bora? add me on Facebook.  Thanks!

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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Island Hopping in Hinatuan, Surigao del Sur

Pangasinan Resort
Due to hectic schedule, rush hour, meeting dead lines that results to dying, stressful  and tiring days  on our daily lives. We need to refresh our mind, rejuvenate our mind and soul and commune on the natural wonder of the Philippines. So, what are you waiting for get inside now and join me in my adventure  .

Margarett Island Peak Resort
This is it ! are the words I uttered As I can see the coconut tree standing proudly, luscious green plants and small boats waiting for us to hop in and explore the nearby places and discover its hidden beauty.

Tinago River
This is one of a kind scenic spots in Surigao del Sur the Tinagong River that you need to visit. I assure you my friends, that you will be amazed on its blue lagoon and mesmerized by its natural beauty.

Sibadan Fish Cage
Sibadan means “eating place” and “fish”. It is just a few minutes from Tinagong/Enchanted River,  yet Sibadan Fish Cage is very popular stopover for visitors in the area. It is a large aquarium in the midst of the sea where you can find different aquatic species. You can reach here by renting a pump boats thus, you can select a lot of sea foods also for your gourmet lunch (Shell foods and other variety of fishes).

Sarzosa Ponta Cave
Another attractions you need to drop by is the  Ponta Cave which is a small seaside cave with an image of Virgin Mary it is managed by the Sarsoza Family.

And the rest was a History ......

My Expenses

Taxi Fare from Home to Port - Php 120.00
Terminal Fee - 10.00
Cebu - Surigao del Sur (Cokaliong Shipping Lines) - 825.00
Surigao del Sur - San Francisco - 250.00
San Francisco - Hinatuan - 60.00
Pedicab - 5.00
Boating Rental - 160.00/hr (4 hours) - 640.00
Pangasinan Resort Entrance Fee - 5.00
Margarett Island Peak Resort Entrance Fee - 20.00
Sarzosa Ponta Cave Entrance Fee- 10.00
Fish Cage Sibadan Entrance Fee - 5.00
Tinago River No Entrance Fee
Food and Drinks - 606.00
Souvenir Items - 150.00
Marky's Hostel - 700.00 ( two days)

Total Expenses - Php 3,406.00 (Including Enchanted River and Tinuy-an Falls Expenses)

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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Majestic Tinuy-an Falls - The Niagara Falls of the Philippines

Among the falls I visited (Tumalog Water Falls in Oslob Cebu, Katibawasan Falls in Camiguin Island, Bugtong Bato Falls in Tibiao Antique, Cambugahay Falls in Siquijor, Kawasan Falls in Badian Cebu, Samboan Hidden Falls in  Cebu and Gunhuban Falls at Buli, Bato, Leyte). I considered Tinuy-an Falls is one of the most majestic or amazing waterfalls in the Philippines. The scenic view of the falls can relieve all of your stress and problems for a while. Hehehe. Tinuy-an Falls is also considered as the top wonders in Surigao del Sur. One of the widest in the country and they called it as "The Niagara Falls of the Philippines"

Tinuy-an Falls is located in Barangay Borboanan, Bislig City, Surigao del Sur in the Southern Philippines Island of Mindanao. Standing at 55 meters (180 feet) tall and 95 meters wide, a white water curtain that flows in three levels. The trip going to Tinuy-an Falls was quite long enough,  tortuous and rugged but when I arrived I got speechless. So much fun and earth shaking happiness.  A great experience indeed, so don't miss the chance to drop by and explore the beauty of Tinuy-an Falls.

How to get there

Is quite difficult to get there. There is no regular public transportation going to the place. You should hire a habal-habal (motorbike) to reach the place. 

Bislig City can be reached by taking any of the daily scheduled airlines (Cebu Pacific, Airphil Express and other airlines) from Manila or Cebu via Davao City, Butuan City or Surigao City. You can take regular trips of aircon and non-aircon buses (Bislig route). Upon reaching the Mangagoy Integrated Terminal in Bislig, there are numerous habal-habals or motorbikes that go to Barangay Borboanan where the waterfall is located.

 Enjoy your trip and be safe!

My Expenses

Habal-habal (motorbike) pakyaw - Php  1000.00 

Entrance Fee - 5.00

Continuation of expenses here. (Two days trip, including Enchanted River and Island Hopping in Hinatuan)

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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Enchanted River - The Hidden Paradise in Hinatuan, Surigao del Sur

Do you believe that there are things our naked eyes supposed to see but realized that we cannot? Well, that’s amazing and I’d say enchanting. Honestly, I can’t find the right term for what I felt when I got fascinated with one of the tourist destinations in Philippines located in Talisay, Hinatuan, Surigao del Sur.  This place is called “Enchanted River” and the name seems to tell us that magic surrounds the place.

As far as I can remember, you only need to travel a minimum of 8.5 hours from Davao City to reach the enchanted river.  It is actually situated in the center of Barangay Cambatong, It’s my first time to see such beautiful body of water and I think nothing will beat it. If only it’s right to believe that there are really creatures like “engkantado” and “engkantada” or shall we say fairies, I would believe it’s their kingdom.

Since I really like water, I keep diving to its mirrored like blue water. At first look, the enchanted river looks like a shallow river but when I tried to dive to see its bottom I failed. So, I guess our naked eyes don’t seem to see what it supposed to see in enchanted river. Finding it out there scared me a bit.   However, it doesn’t stop me and my friends to enjoy the place and be captivated by its beauty.

I think that’s how it should be when you are traveling and be given the chance to see the unique beautiful place like the enchanted river. So, until next trip!

Enchanted River is open from Monday - Sunday (6am-5pm)

Entrance Fee - Php 30.00


MPB - 500.00

Booth Type - 150.00

Nipa Hut Type - 150.00

Green Roof - 100.00

Rubber Table - 100

For more info you can text or call at 09202595554.

Where to Stay

Marky's Hostel

Maharlika, Hinatuan, Surigao del Sur

Room Rates

Double Deck - Two (2) persons with electric fan - Php 300.00

Single Bed - Two (2) pesons with electric fan -   Php 350.00

Air Conditioned - Family Room -                   Php 850.00

Air Conditioned Double Deck - Seven (7) persons - Php 1,225.00

Air Conditioned Double Deck - Six (6) persons -   Php 900.00

You can refer my expenses here.

For reservations, you can call or text Marky's Hostel at 09284397785.  You may also visit their Facebook fan page and hit like, Marky's Hostel.

Where to Eat and Dine In... (Doday's Nook)

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Monday, September 17, 2012

Obong Spring in Dalaguete

Love is the reason why I’ve visited one of the most preferred summer destinations here in Cebu. Let us just say that my interest and love for this beautiful lady makes me act like a bee following where the beautiful flower goes. So, to my beautiful girlfriend this post is for you (as if I’m in a karaoke dedicating a song, lol.). I hope you still remember our memories in Obong Spring of Dalaguete Municipality.

Now, if you are interested to go there; you only need to travel the maximum distance of 88.49 km from the heart of Cebu City. Once you get there, you have to pay the affordable entrance fee. I believe it’s forthe maintenance of the place. I just hope they can keep it safe, clean and beautiful. In that way, a lot of people will have the chance to enjoy the Obong Spring.

Honestly, this travel wasn’t planned but it turned out to be enjoyable and memorable. Of course, it is because I was with my girlfriend plus the unique ambiance of the place. The place is also beautiful since it is really different from what I used to be in. Only, I wasn’t able to jump off to the water since the water level is not really that deep. I would like to do that since I really love water which gives me thrill. Lol!

Since you are reading this you must be a traveler too or just want to know where to go in the south for summer outing, right? Well, visit immediately the Obong spring today with your girlfriend, friends and family.

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