Saturday, April 21, 2012

Larville Pool Garden Resort and Restaurant

Friends, staying in Cebu Philippines is not fun without visiting its provincial tourist attractions. Name where you want to go, North, South, West or East? Cebu, Philippines got it all. So let’s get the fun start in Alcoy, Cebu, Philippines.

Alcoy or Alcoi is one of the evidences that Spaniards were here in Philippines. They say that it’s named after the place of Alcoi, Spain. However, you don’t have to travel to Spain just to see Alcoy because if you’re from the provincial of Cebu City you only need to travel the distance of 93 Kilometers. If you are from Cebu City in just 2 hours you’re on the way to ultimate fun in the Philippines. Once you reached Alcoy, you’ll witness that they almost all rely to fishing and farming.

Among all locations in Alcoy that you will appreciate first is Larville Pool Garden Resort and Restaurant. To be exact, it’s in Pugalo, Alcoy in the southern part of the province of Cebu. If you like to get closer with the nature, this place is a good starting line. You will surely enjoy the place with their pools and and the ability of the Nipa huts to remind us that life is simple. In fact, you can reminisce moments during your younger days when you slept inside the tent for camping. They also have rooms for PHP 1,400.00 to PHP 1,500.00 while Nipa huts cottages at day is PHP 500.00 and PHP 700.00 at night.

These pictures below are proofs of how beautiful Larville Pool Garden Resort and Restaurant is! So, drop me a message at the comment box and I’ll guide you.

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  1. uhmm..pde mu ask pila ang rates?

  2. Naa silay room nga 1,500 good for two lang hinuon. But you can bring along with your Tent. Nya mag rent lang ug room for your valuable things. Nice man siya pod kay private gyod kaayo.

  3. d mo mgmahay f muanha mu sa larville~good for all ocassion xia~i've been there~ang tag-iya ky ang amung sir~ad2 mu

  4. hi, can i use some of the contents of your blog in our website?

  5. Hi! Aha ni dapit sa Alcoy? Nindot dagat ani? :)

  6. Hi Reeza,

    Thanks for visiting my blog... Oo, sa Alcoy ni.. dili kaayo nice ang dagat ani.


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