Saturday, May 26, 2012

Kawasan Falls

Kawasan Falls is the most popular tourist destination in the town. It is well visited by both foreign and local tourist. Kawasan Falls is located inside the mountains of Barangay Matutinao, Badian Southern part of Cebu Province.

Along the way, souvenir shops selling accessories such as bracelets, and Kawasan print t-shirts are available for sale if you want to bring home souviners with you and You can view several wild tropical plants, birds etc.

Kawasan has three waterfalls. The first one is mainly the largest of the three, and is usually the most crowded. Cottages and tables are also available for rent, as well as rooms for overnight stay. You may bring food or you can buy from resort's restaurants. You can also rent a raft to take around the pool for a refreshing "shower massage" under the falling water. You may rent a life vest for a very affordable price.

How to get there
Just about 130 kilometers from Cebu City (South Bus Terminal) and about 3-4 hours bus ride. You need to hike 15 to 30 minutes from the entry point in Barangay Matutinao to Kawasan Falls.

Accommodations/Resort in Badian before you go.

Badian Island Beach Resort and Spa
+63 (32) 475 1102

Librando's Residence
Pob. Badian, Cebu, Cebu, PH
Ms. Cynthia Nass

Willy's Place
1st Level Kawasan Falls
Matutinao, Badian, Cebu, PH
Mrs. Emma Saldua

La Playa De Asuncion
Matutinao, Badian, Cebu, PH
Mrs. Asuncion Capacio/Mr. Julius Capacio
(032) 319-7932

Matutinao Beach Resort
Matutinao, Badian, Cebu, PH
Mrs. Delia D. Capacio

Stella Matutinao Home Stay
Matutinao, Badian, Cebu, PH
Ms. Bles V. Erejes
(032) 475-9118

Kawasan Cooperative
1st Level Kawasan Falls
Matutinao, Badian, Cebu, PH
Ms. Anabel Escabillas
Momoy Diluvio

Terra Mana Camping and Resort
Lambug,Badian, Cebu, PH
+63 (32) 272-3682

Cebu International Golf and Resort
Lambug,Badian, Cebu, PH
(63) (32) 345-3339

Expenses for one day
Masulog-Tamiya (Tricycle back and forth) Php14.00
Tamiya-Highway Mandaue (PUJ back and forth) Php18.00
Taxi  from Highway Mandaue-South Bus Terminal  Php120.00
Airconditioned Bus (South Bus Terminal back and forth) Php332.00
Life Vest              Php50.00
Raft per Hour          Php300.00
Raft Driver            Php150.00
Table                  Php300.00

Total Expenses: Php1,284.00

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Friday, May 25, 2012

Mystical Town of Anda Bohol

Anda is an ecological gem and its most dazzling facets are natural and historical-cultural treasures. Get a front-seat experience at the sea turtle conservation project at Turtle Hatchery in Brgy. Bacong. Or watch bats at Badiang's Lamanoc Island and be sheltered to the more than the usual Mangrove Forest. Surely Anda is the place that anyone has in mind to escape the empty enchantment of city life. Free of rush, of deadlines, pollution, incessant noise, and of the grinding gridlock.

How to Get There

By Air
Manila-Tagbilaran (Cebu Pacific, Philippine Airlines, Airphil Express, ZestAir

By Sea
Manila-Tagbilaran; Cebu-Tagbilaran
Cebu-Tagbilaran; Cebu-Ubay
Cagayan-Jagna; Butuan Jagna

By Land
Buses: Tagbilaran - Anda (Betty and Anda Transit)
Via-Hires: Tagbilaran-Anda

Bus and V-hire terminals are located at Doo Terminal, Tagbilaran City. Bohol; Tagbilaran City as the service center of Bohol. Anda is approximately 100 kms. from the City of Tagbilaran, Bohol. Buses travel daily from Tagbilaran to Anda (Php100.00 at est. 3 hours of travel); Van travel daily from Tagbilaran-Anda (Php120.00 and est. 1 hour and 45 mins. of travel time).

Bus and Van for Hire Schedules:
Tagbilaran-Anda 5:00am/12:30pm/2:30pm/5:30pm
Anda-Tagbilaran 6:00am/8:00am/10:30am/11:00am

Van for Hire (V-Hire)
Tagbilaran-Anda Open
Anda-Tagbilaran 4:00am/5:30am/6:00am/7:00am/7:30am

You may take the Tagbilaran-Guindulman-Tagbilaran route. From Guindulman, regular public transportation are available from 5:00am to 5:00pm (i.e. buses, van, tricyles and habal-habal (motorcycles for hire for Anda destination). Motorycle (habal-habal), Tricycle or Motorales are the major transportation around Anda. Terminal is located in Anda Public Market and please be guided with the tariff rates as posted in the terminal (Rate is subject to change without prior notice).

Where to Stay
Amun Ini Beach Resort & Spa, Candabong, Anda
Contact Nos. 09293013946

Anda Global Beach Resort, Poblacion, Anda
Contact No. 09106412775

Anda Lodge, Poblacion, Anda
Contact No. 09065884816

Anda Long Beach Resort, Poblacion, Anda
Contact No. 09157409209

Anda Uroy Farm, Candabong, Anda
Contact No. 09292396039

Anda White Beach Resort, Bacong, Anda
Contact No. 09155410507

Blue Star Dive Resort, Candabong, Anda
Contact Nos. 09194536090/09194534468

Bohol's Dapdap Beach Resort, Candabong, Anda
Contact Nos. 09218332332/09218332315

Coastal Paradise, Candabong, Anda
Contact No. 09295821233

Flower Beach Resort, Virgen, Anda
Contact Nos. 09185796166/09186259816

J & A Travellers INN, Poblacion, Anda
Contact Nos. 09078672999/09192443250

Lamanok Nature and Beach Resort, Badiang
Contact Nos. 09208370562/09215906443

La Petra Beach Resort Bacong, Anda
Contact No. 09176330931/(038)510-1160

R & S Seaside Unit Accommodation, Poblacion
Contact Nos. 09488496971/09165295174

Peninsula Beach Resort
contact Nos. 09293610497/09165295174/09183785448

Seaside Lodge Poblacion, Anda
Contact Nos. 09273833734/0269126561

We enjoyed our stay at J & A Travellers INN, Poblacion, Anda at affordable price (Php 800.00) good for 3 persons.

Total expenses (Php 1500.00 each)

Explore and Enjoy the Mystical Town of Anda. Be safe!

Entrance Gate to Lamanoc Island (Entrance Fee Php 300.00)
Lamanoc Cave
Fossilized Clam Shells 
Red Hematite Rock Painting
Ancient Graveyards
Ca Esca Cave
Lamanoc Island
Boat-Coffin Burial Container

Combento Cave (Entrance Fee Php 10.00)

Basdio Marine Sanctuary (Entrance Fee Php 50.00) Municipality of Guindulman, Brgy. Basdio
Water Falls (No Entrance Fee)
Turtle Hatchery in Brgy. Bacong 

 Relaxing in the Airy Quinale Beach Bar

 Relaxing in the Airy Quinale Beach Bar

Beach  in front of Turtle Hatchery in Brgy. Bacong
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Exploring Chocolate Hills and Sagbayan Peak in Bohol

Bohol is an island province of the Philippines located in the Central Visayas region, consisting of Bohol Island and 75 minor surrounding islands. Its capital is Tagbilaran City.

The island offers a wide range of attractions from natural fine white sand beaches, great diving sites, scenic natural sights, old houses, ancient churches, historical sites and wonderful ecotourism highlights.

The Chocolate Hills, numerous mounds of limestone formation, is the most popular attraction. Chocolate Hills Complex" located in Carmen, Bohol, about 55 kilometres (34 mi) from Tagbilaran City and about 5 kilometres (3.1 mi) from the town proper of Carmen, Bohol.

Sagbayan Peak is about 1 1/2 drive from Tagbilaran City and about 45-60 minutes drive from Tubigon proper. Sagbayan Peak is a mountain resort and recreation center.

How to get there

Fast Ferries
From Cebu City pier, fast ferries are available with 10 trips daily. Cruising time from Cebu to Tagbilaran is approximately 1 hour and 30 mins. The following fast ferry companies are: Supercat, Oceanjet and Weesam Express.

Tagbilaran is Bohol's main port - other ports include Tubigon, Jagna, Ubay, Talibon and Jeta Fe.

There are several daily flights from both Manila and Cebu to Tagbilaran airport and back again.

My Expenses

Fare (Fast Craft one-way Cebu-Tubigon Bohol at Pier 1)                 Php 170.00
Fare (By Ship-Tagbilaran City-Cebu City)                                       Php 290.00
Tricycle (Pakyaw from Tubigon-Sagbayan Peak-Chocolate Hills      Php 400.00
Habal-Habal (Back and Forth to Chocolate Hills Proper)                 Php 80.00
Entrance Fee (Sagbayan Peak)                                                        Php 10.00
Entrance Fee (Chocolate Hills)                                                        Php 50.00
Food and Drinks                                                                             Php 400.00
Total Expenses---------------------------------------------------Php 1,400.00

Tourist Assistance Center in Tubigon Bohol

Sagbayan Peak

Chocolate Hills
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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Tumalog Water Falls Oslob Cebu

Another must-see and recently discovered place in Oslob is the raw beauty of Tumalog Waterfalls.

Nothing beats the excitement of seeing nature's gift in front of my very own eyes, words are not enough to explain how magnificent God's creations are.

The hike down was very steep, and I doubt if cars can maneuver their way back up the angled slope. Make sure to hike back up continuously to build momentum - don't stop in the middle.

Definitely worth it than strolling in the mall!

Oslob is a 3-4 hours drive from Cebu City. You may ride a bus at the South Bus Terminal and ride one bound for Oslob.  Upon reaching Oslob, signs along the road will give you an idea how far you are from Tumalog Falls.

About, 10-15 minutes from the main road. You can ride a "habal-habal" for Php 30.00.  Thanks to the local government, the road is cemented all the way to the falls.  Don't forget to enjoy the trip going there.

My Expenses:

Air Conditioned Bus - Php 306.00 (Round Trip)
Habal - Habal           - Php  60.00 (Round Trip)
Food and Water      - Php  200.00

There is no Entrance Fee yet. So, Enjoy and Explore Tumalog Water Falls.

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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Intosan Resort Danao City Cebu

Intosan Resort is located in Danao City which is approximately an hour drive from Cebu City. It is situated a few kilometers away from the main road but the place is not that hard to find since it’s very popular in the area. You can just ask anyone from the place and they will give you the right direction, plus there are signs along the way would give you the direction as well.

Intosan Resort has quiet a number of cottages for all types of guests from couples to families to big groups. They also have a restaurant. A very relaxing place built with magnificent view perfect for your party, conferences, receptions, family gatherings and homecomings.

I rode a public utility jeepney that time because V-Hire parking at SM City Cebu still has to wait to have maximum number of passengers. SM to Danao Terminal costs P25.00. From Danao Terminal, I rode a public tricycle about 5-10 minutes drive to Intosan Resort.

Room Rates
Rooms can be rented overnight or for the day (Picnic Rooms).

Regular Rooms
Check-in 1:00.P.M.
Check-out 10:00 A.M.

Picnic Rooms:
Check-in 8:00 A.M.
Check-out 8:00 P.M.
Standard Rooms: P550 picnic, P900 overnight,
Deluxe Rooms: P850 picnic, P 1,500 overnigh
Superior Rooms: P1,200 picnic, P 2,000 overnight.

You can contact:

Jasmine Pension House
Don Gil Garcia Street and Don Filemon Sotto Street
Cebu City, 6000 Cebu, Philippines
Tel.  (63-32) 253-3757 and (63-32) 255-4559

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