Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Tierra Alta Dumaguete City

A visit in Region VI is incomplete without a closer look of the residential resort Tierra Alta which is said to be not just your home but a lifestyle. To be exact it’s in Palinpinon Valencia, Negros Oriental which takes 12 minute drive from city proper to reach it. According to its developer it is called Tierra Alta because of its high terrain. You’ll have the chance to see the view from the top –the oceans sea breeze and see the nearby islands. 

They have best amenities, Greek inspired club house and pavilion, Mediterranean cuisine at Tierra Café, light house view deck, cliff side Boulevard, picnic and Bon fire areas, lagoon type swimming pool, sports facilities and zip line adventure at the rush zip line. 

United Backpackers had the chance to take a picture at their rush zip line. It would have been a great experience if we tried it but the price isn’t that affordable so we decided to try it next visit. In case, you like to try it in your visit, the pictures below might be helpful. I hope you’ll share the thrill experience at their rush zip line. 

Visiting Tierra Alta is like visiting a dream place that only exists in books. For me, it’s like a paradise and for city people it is really an escape from busy streets in the city. I won’t be surprise if we hear soon that there are celebrities spotted in Tierra Alta for we know that it is their lifestyle.

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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Boulevard in Dumaguete City

This time I’ll give you a hint of our next stop over. Have you heard Dan Byrd’s song that goes like, “Never knew that it would go so far, when you left me on that boulevard?” Aha, it’s Boulevard. However, it was not same Boulevard for we reached at the Boulevard where the “fun begins.” This is quoted from Blue Monkey Grill that situated at Boulevard in Dumaguete City.  

If you are looking for fresh air and a place for a walk with your lover then consider Boulevard. You can imagine that you’re the lead stars in a romantic movie wherein you two can walk along with lights like we saw in every plaza. Yay! I’m getting cheesy. Well, that’s kind of cheesy but it’s true when you walk under the bright lights of their lamp posts. 

Don’t you worry friends, Boulevard is for everybody. In fact, we went there as a group and we really had fun so you too will enjoy. It was a night experience of Boulevard so it may be a different view if you go there in the morning. One of the most unforgettable experience of Dumagute’s Boulevard are those business minded people who offers services like manicure/pedicure, massage and many others. This gives the tourist a chance to mingle with the locals. You can also taste their tasty grilled meat especially if you are into food trip. In fact, they do also have mini hotel near their Boulevard which allows the tourists to access the beauty of Dumaguete’s Boulevard easily. 

So, huwag maging banyaga sa sariling bansa. Packed up now!

 Blue Monkey Grill where you can taste their tasty grilled meat.

 Have a good time with people who offers services like manicure/pedicure, massage and many others.

 If you are craving for food then this area is for you.

The boulevard and the rows of restaurants, hostels and hotels.
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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Kayaking in Antique - Tibiao-Brgy. Importante, Tuno

Hey pals, here I am again and this time I’m going to bring you in a bit extreme natured place in Philippines at Antique Tibiao-Brgy. Importante, Tuno. Oops, if this sounds too dangerous to you; you are wrong! Instead, this is much fun! Well, just like the Department of tourism slogan’s says, “It’s more fun in the Philippines”.

Together with the other members of United Backpackers I found myself astonished with the beauty of Antique. Also, we can’t leave the place without having fun with their much known “Kayaking”. Woohu! It was really an injection of adrenaline rush. Especially, if you see the fast movement of the water in the river and the rocks –you’ll feel your heart pumping. If you felt the feelings of trying something new for the first time before, then I am sure it was same feeling. You need to try this too!

Before you get carried away with my feelings at that time, let’s have Kayaking 101 first. Kayaking is for all who wants to have fun the outdoors. A boat called kayak is involve in this leisure sport which can be brought to ocean, up rivers, in surf zones, and along white water courses. It is actually in different forms that depend on its function. What we had in Antique is like in the pictures below. It’s like a banana boat in terms of color (lol!). The boat is paired with paddle and life jacket (of course, for safety purposes).

The guide there trained us how to paddle and control the boat since it was totally new to us. In plain and calm water we learn to control the kayak in our own. Afterwards, the fun and excitement began.

My Expenses

Habal-Habal (Motorcycle from the main road)-Kayak INN (Back and forth)        Php 140.00
Kayak                                                                                                                          Php 500.00
Room- Cottage/Nipa Hut (Bahay Kubo) (Overnight Stay)                                     Php 500.00
Food and Drinks                                                                                                        Php 500.00

Total Expenses                                                                                                          Php 1,640.00

For reservations, you may text or call Ate Sheila or Kuya Edwin at 0921-570-1947.

Getting excited for kayaking!

Learning the basics how to use a kayak, paddling and safety techniques with Manong our instructor.

And now the thrill begins...Hehehe. Good paddling there Gino...

Glenn is struggling with a kayak that is just too much for him to handle...You can do it Glenn. Hahaha

While Neal had a rough time in maneuvering/paddling the kayak. Hahaha.

I am in trouble, HELP! HELP! HELP... It's really difficult to maneuver...

We finally reached our destination. Lol. We survived the long series of rapids. Kodus to us! we made it with scared...Hahaha.
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Monday, June 18, 2012

Invasion of Western Visayas and Negros

I know what you did last summer”. That’s probably the line that you’ll yell at me once you read this blog post that I’ll share with you today. Scared? Ooops, you should not! This is going to be about an adventure you might like too. So, just sit back, relax and read thoroughly.

The fun adventure all started in Cebu City which is located in Region VII. I and the other 3 members of United Backpackers met up and all prepared to begin the journey heading to Region VI. With the help of AirPhil, we landed to our first stop; Iloilo. In Iloilo, we’ve tried La Paz Batchoy – affordable and delicious. From Iloilo, we directly headed to Antique to experience the famous extreme water sport white water kayaking in Antique. Yes, I’ve tried that already. So, you should try it too soon.

Since, this journey highlighted with water sport already. We’ve made the experience all the way by stopping by in Boracay. Yes, you’ve read it right -Boracay. We traveled from Antique to Caticlan in order to reach the white sand in Boracay.

After experiencing the refreshing air and view in one of the beaches in Boracay, we went back to Iloilo to reach Guimaras. Next destination was the city of smile Bacolod. We landed in Bacolod via Iloilo. Of course, we did not miss Dumaguete. It was our next stop right after Bacolod.

We've been to their Boulevard, Tierra Alta and their famous Siliman University. I was thrilled with the activities from these 3 different locations in Dumaguete.

Out of my PHP6, 000.00, the five days of my life was full of adventure and peculiar experience that nobody can buy. Memories were sealed in my heart as I went home in Cebu City. Thank you United Backpackers, till next travel!!!

The Original-Ted'z Lapaz Batchoy, Iloilo City. (From Left; Glenn, Neal and Gino) United Backpackers

Experience the fun and excitement of Kayaking in Tibiao, Tuno, Antique. My travel buddies/United Backpackers enjoyed the kayaking for the first time. Hehehe. We are newbies in kayaking so we had some tutorials for about 5 minutes. Indeed, we survived the rapids, it was an extreme adventures for us! Kodus United Backpackers!!!

The Kawa Hot Bath in Tibiao-is one of the many attractions in the Province of Antique. You must try Kawa Hot Bath after nature trekking and kayaking.  It can soothe muscles and joint aches. 

Our testicles/balls are going to explode...Hahaha. Just for laughs. 
Bugtong Bato Falls - Bugtong Bato Falls is located in Barangay Tuno, Tibiao, Antique and 20-30 minutes foot trail from Tuno proper.

 Puka Beach is located at the Northernmost point of the Boracay Island-is quieter than White Beach, less developed, less known and less affected by commercial development. I really love and I recommend this beach.
Traveling to Guimaras Island will never be complete without doing the island hopping and Ave Maria is one of many Islands in Guimaras and is located on the western part of Guimaras.
 The Ruins at Night is just beyond beautiful. The mansion was built in the early 1900's by the sugar baron, Don Mariano Ledesma Lacson (1865-1948).
Freedom Wall in Silliman University - Silliman University is the oldest American institution located in Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental, Philippines.

This is a nature inspired residential community resort subdivision in Valencia, Negros Oriental. If you are thrill seekers, try and experience their Rush Zip-Line Tierra Alta.

If ever you get to visit Dumaguete City, don't forget to drop by their famous Rizal Boulevard. The strip along the seawall is about 700 meters long.
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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Moalboal White Sand

It is time to unwind after a long and stressful day at work together with my officemates. For those who love swimming, snorkeling and scuba diving I recommend that Moalboal White Sand is a perfect place and perfect getaway or destination for family gathering, company outing and many others.

A lot of foreign and local tourists visited this place and spent their holiday together with their families and love ones.

How to get There

Getting to Moalboal is quiet easy, you may take a Bus from South Bus Terminal (Standard Bus or Air Conditioned) approximately 3-4 hours drive from Cebu City. Six (6) kilometers or 15-20 minutes drive away from the national highway by tricycle.

Where to Stay

Manang Ester's Beach - For reservations, you can call or text Manang Ester at +63927-578-5983.

My Expenses

Cebu-Moalboal-Cebu (Airconditioned Bus)  - Php 330.00
Food and Drinks                                               - Php 300.00
T-shirt (Souvenir)                                               - Php 170.00
Moalboal-White Sand Beach-Moalboal         - Php  40.00
Room (2,000.00/7) Airconditioned                 - Php 285.00

Total Expenses                                              Php 1,125.00

Finally, we reached our destination. Just arrived from a very long travel and Manang Ester is waiting for us.

Preparing for our dinner...Yum...Yum...Yum...

Sorry, I don't have any good pictures here..Hehehe

Jump High-Jumping Exercise. Taking jumping picture with Bunso for the third time. Hehehe

We are about to leave. You can enjoy playing table tennis here. We would all like to say a BIG thank you to you Manang Ester for such an enjoyable stay at your pensionne house. Thank you Manang Ester for the great accommodation provided.

You can get some shirts here for your souvenir at Php 170.00 (Note: Price is subject to change without prior notice...Hahaha)
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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Hindang Caves and Wild Monkeys

After the breathtaking hikes from Gunhuban Falls. Awesome caves & wild monkeys at their natural habitat await visitors and another adventure for the three Idiots (Ivan and Ryan). I am not one of them at this time. Hahaha, just teasing you buddies.

The caves and Wild Monkeys in Hindang, which was 25 minutes away from Hilongos. We rode a Multicab or Public Utility Jeepney to reach the place just about 300 meters from the national highway.

We (The Three Idiots) were so excited to see the Wild Monkeys and Spelunking.

Additional Expenses (you can get more here) since this is the continuation of our escapade from Canigao Island (Matalom, Leyte) and Gunhuban Falls in Brgy. Buli, Bato, Leyte.

Hilongos-Hindang-Hilongos (Multicab/PUV) Php 40.00
Entrance Fee                                                          Php 10.00

Unfortunately, we were not able to see the wild monkeys. Take a glimpse for these three Wild Monkeys inside the Cave. Cool Monkeys ha!...Hahaha. No swimming at this time.

We had a great time hiking around. And also a very sweaty time: very sweaty feet, very sweaty armpits, very sweaty balls. Hahaha.

My solo picture, no Idiots or monkeys.Hahahaha. Pounding heart, shaking, sweating and trembling after hiking.
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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Gunhuban Falls

After Canigao Island Trip, we decided to proceed Gunhuban Falls at Buli, Bato, Leyte. Gunhuban Falls is very similar from Kawasan Falls in Badian.

When I saw Gunhuban Falls, I said wow! very refreshing, so cool. Gunhuban Falls is about 30 feet high and 20-30 minutes drive from the Town of Bato going to Barangay Buli.

How to get there (you can visit here if you are from Cebu City)

You can take a motorcycle (habal-habal), tricycle, bus, v-hire from Bato Terminal.

Additional Expenses (you can get more here)
Bato Terminal-Brgy. Buli (Trycycle) Php 20.00
From the Main Road-Gunhuban Falls (Habal-habal) Php 20.00
From the Main Road-Bato Terminal Php 20.00

 Me and Ryan have a good time in swimming. This is my buddy when it comes to swimming since Ivan doesn't know how to swim. Hehehe

The three Idiots once again...Hahaha. From Left (Me, Ivan, Ryan). We enjoyed swimming here for about an hour and we need to depart because another adventure awaits.

Stairway to Heaven..Lols.. We are leaving now.

Breathtaking Hikes (2 kilometers away from Gunhuban Falls to the main road and 30-40 minutes of walking time). We agreed to hike just to save money.Hahahaha. We are nowhere at this time, taking pictures on the road.
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