Sunday, June 24, 2012

Boulevard in Dumaguete City

This time I’ll give you a hint of our next stop over. Have you heard Dan Byrd’s song that goes like, “Never knew that it would go so far, when you left me on that boulevard?” Aha, it’s Boulevard. However, it was not same Boulevard for we reached at the Boulevard where the “fun begins.” This is quoted from Blue Monkey Grill that situated at Boulevard in Dumaguete City.  

If you are looking for fresh air and a place for a walk with your lover then consider Boulevard. You can imagine that you’re the lead stars in a romantic movie wherein you two can walk along with lights like we saw in every plaza. Yay! I’m getting cheesy. Well, that’s kind of cheesy but it’s true when you walk under the bright lights of their lamp posts. 

Don’t you worry friends, Boulevard is for everybody. In fact, we went there as a group and we really had fun so you too will enjoy. It was a night experience of Boulevard so it may be a different view if you go there in the morning. One of the most unforgettable experience of Dumagute’s Boulevard are those business minded people who offers services like manicure/pedicure, massage and many others. This gives the tourist a chance to mingle with the locals. You can also taste their tasty grilled meat especially if you are into food trip. In fact, they do also have mini hotel near their Boulevard which allows the tourists to access the beauty of Dumaguete’s Boulevard easily. 

So, huwag maging banyaga sa sariling bansa. Packed up now!

 Blue Monkey Grill where you can taste their tasty grilled meat.

 Have a good time with people who offers services like manicure/pedicure, massage and many others.

 If you are craving for food then this area is for you.

The boulevard and the rows of restaurants, hostels and hotels.
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