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Canigao Island-Matalom Leyte

Canigao Island is located near the Municipality of Matalom, Southern Leyte. Canigao Island has white sandy all around, has an extra ordinary beauty and a relaxing environment surrounded by trees. Some coral reefs and fish sanctuaries to enjoy, with these natural features often attract by locals, nationals and scuba divers as well.

This islet is maintained and managed by the Local Government Unite of Matalom, Leyte.

How to get there

Kinswell Shipping Lines, Inc.
Room 202, G.K. Chua Building, M.J. Cuenco Avenue, Cebu City
Telephone: (032) 416-6516
Fax: (032) 255-7572

Cebu to Hilongos     Daily     2:30 PM
Hilongos to Cebu     Daily     9:00 AM

Roble Shipping, Inc.
43-C Escario Extension, Cebu City 6000
Telephone: (032) 255-3871, (032) 254-0583
Fax: (032) 416-6117

Booking Offices:
Cebu Telephone: (032) 255-5904, (032) 255-1849
Ormoc Telephone: (053) 255-7631, (053) 561-2801
Hilongos Telephone: (053) 336-2077

Cebu to Hilongos     Daily     1:00 PM     M/V Ormoc Stars
Cebu to Hilongos     Daily     9:00 PM     M/V Beautiful Stars
Hilongos To Cebu     Daily     11:00 AM     M/V Beautiful Stars
hilongos to Cebu     Daily     10:00 PM     M/V Ormoc Stars

Where to Stay

Holy Child Pensionne
620 Tomas Claudio St., Kalanggaman
Bato, Leyte, Philippines

Room Type

Standard Room (Php700.00/day)- Good for two (2) persons with (2 single size beds, aircon, cable TV and private bath with hot and cold shower.)

Deluxe Room (Php800.00/day)- Good for two (2) persons with (1 queen size bed, aircon, cable TV and bath with hot and cold shower.)

Family Room (Php1,000.00/day)- Good for two four (4) persons with (1 queen size bed, aircon, cable TV and bath with hot and cold shower.)

Additional Bed: Php 200.00/day
Internet Access at the Lobby: Php 20.00/hour

Check In Time: 2:00PM
Check out Time: 12:00 Noon

Extension of time must add 100.00/hr. until 5PM. Beyond 5PM consider regular rate.

For inquiries and reservations please contact:
Tel Nos. (053)5680034, 5680042-Globe, (053)3362273-Bayantel
Cell No.:+639991628893
Email Add:
Facebook: Pensionne Holy Child

My Expenses
Cebu-Hilongos-Cebu via M/V Beautiful Stars Php 580.00
Terminal Fee (Cebu Port)                               Php 10.00
Terminal Fee (Hilongos Port)                          Php 11.25
Lunch (Cebu Port Terminal)                           Php 54.00
Bottled Water (Cebu Port Terminal)               Php 15.00
Food and Drinks                                           Php 400.00
Hilongos Port-Bato (PUV)                            Php 30.00
Holy Child Pensionne House (Php800.00/3)   Php 266.00
Tagay (Higlight sa    Php 40.00
Bato-Matalom                                              Php 20.00
Matalom-Canigao Island-Matalom                Php 45.00
Matalom-Bato                                              Php 20.00
Bato-Hilongos Port                                      Php 30.00
Tent Rental                                                   Php 300.00
Entrace Fee (Canigao Island)                        Php 20.00
Toilet and shower room (Canigao Island)      Php 5.00

Total Expenses                                         Php 1,846.25

Just Arrived (picture taking mode)

 Ticket Booth

Entrance Booth (Don't forget to ask for the Official Receipt)

 Our tent (Sorry I am tired, I need to sleep. Hahaha).

The Three Idiots-(Sand Swimming)

Tent Area (You can bring your own tent but you have to pay Php100.00 for the space rental)

Left side of the Island

Sari-Sari Stores (you can get/buy some foodstuffs here)

Souvenir Shop offers a variety of customized necklace, bracelets and many others, all are seashells made.

 One and a half kilo (1 1/2) (Molmol)-Lami kaayo kay among gisugba gyod ni.

Alcohol Drinking is a common feature of social gatherings, beach party, island hopping and more. As a traveller mao ni among pinaka highlight sa laag...Hahahahahahahaha..Just kidding aside. So we bought just one bottle of Emperador Light to enjoy and to save money. We don't drink much because we need to get up early for the adventure.
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  1. nalingaw ko aning imo blog bai... himo sad kog ako.. puro Soon! hihi

  2. d gyud mawala ang inum "palahubog" gyud

  3. @Kyle Patrick, oo paghimo bai. Kay daghan napod ka ug mga laag..Lingaw2x ra gud ni..Hehe

  4. I visited this place when I had a tour in the Philippines before going to Bohol. All I can say is that this island is really amazing. More beautiful than boracay.

  5. Been planning on going to Camigao for years and until now it's still a plan tsk tsk :(

  6. @Mustachio, try to visit Canigao Island. Amazing place!

  7. pagkaanindot sa lugar!

  8. Canigao Island is 3 houres from my place.. its really awesome!

  9. I have been there 3 times already...really awesome. Love the Island... :)

  10. Na lingaw jud ko sa blog!!!! Nice kaayo bay. Apil ni nako sa next trip to Pinas!!! see you soon Leyte!!!! Thanks Mr ????? Blogger.

  11. Thank you for visiting my blog @Anonymous... Enjoy Canigao Island. :)

  12. Hello. Do they have tents that we can rent? Or do we need to bring our own tent? Thanks!

  13. Hi Anonymous,

    Thank you for visiting my blog. Yes, they do have tents for rent. I suggest, you have to bring your own tent and 100 pesos fee for the space rental. Enjoy your summer Vacation and Explore Canigao Island :)


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