Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Kayaking in Antique - Tibiao-Brgy. Importante, Tuno

Hey pals, here I am again and this time I’m going to bring you in a bit extreme natured place in Philippines at Antique Tibiao-Brgy. Importante, Tuno. Oops, if this sounds too dangerous to you; you are wrong! Instead, this is much fun! Well, just like the Department of tourism slogan’s says, “It’s more fun in the Philippines”.

Together with the other members of United Backpackers I found myself astonished with the beauty of Antique. Also, we can’t leave the place without having fun with their much known “Kayaking”. Woohu! It was really an injection of adrenaline rush. Especially, if you see the fast movement of the water in the river and the rocks –you’ll feel your heart pumping. If you felt the feelings of trying something new for the first time before, then I am sure it was same feeling. You need to try this too!

Before you get carried away with my feelings at that time, let’s have Kayaking 101 first. Kayaking is for all who wants to have fun the outdoors. A boat called kayak is involve in this leisure sport which can be brought to ocean, up rivers, in surf zones, and along white water courses. It is actually in different forms that depend on its function. What we had in Antique is like in the pictures below. It’s like a banana boat in terms of color (lol!). The boat is paired with paddle and life jacket (of course, for safety purposes).

The guide there trained us how to paddle and control the boat since it was totally new to us. In plain and calm water we learn to control the kayak in our own. Afterwards, the fun and excitement began.

My Expenses

Habal-Habal (Motorcycle from the main road)-Kayak INN (Back and forth)        Php 140.00
Kayak                                                                                                                          Php 500.00
Room- Cottage/Nipa Hut (Bahay Kubo) (Overnight Stay)                                     Php 500.00
Food and Drinks                                                                                                        Php 500.00

Total Expenses                                                                                                          Php 1,640.00

For reservations, you may text or call Ate Sheila or Kuya Edwin at 0921-570-1947.

Getting excited for kayaking!

Learning the basics how to use a kayak, paddling and safety techniques with Manong our instructor.

And now the thrill begins...Hehehe. Good paddling there Gino...

Glenn is struggling with a kayak that is just too much for him to handle...You can do it Glenn. Hahaha

While Neal had a rough time in maneuvering/paddling the kayak. Hahaha.

I am in trouble, HELP! HELP! HELP... It's really difficult to maneuver...

We finally reached our destination. Lol. We survived the long series of rapids. Kodus to us! we made it with scared...Hahaha.
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  1. pila ka kilometers or minutes ang kayaking sir?

  2. Hello Janducay,

    1 kilometer lang for beginners, pero naa silay advance about 3 kilometers.

  3. wow mark, i never thought dri tika makitas imo blog sa imo mga laag... ako jud ni passion ang laag bya. thanx sa mga info nimo. si divine aytona ni

  4. Thanks Divine, visit lang nya diri. Daghan pako wala ma post kay busy pa... Thanks sa pag visit sa akong blog.

  5. buwis buhay! but i wanna do this again perhaps the more advance level...

  6. @My Nomadic Habits, balik ta didto. Hahaha.

  7. tnx sir mark for posting your blog... planning to go there this may.. laki po ng tulong.. ^_^

  8. Walang problema po.. Enjoy in Tibiao and try mo rin mag kayaking don. Be safe always po.

  9. sir, kinontak ko po ang # na nasas description pero wala na. may contact pa po ba kayo sa bugtong bato?

  10. Hi po sir Joamhel,

    Yon lang po ang binigay sa amin po. Please try to contact uli sir kasi minsan don walang signal po sir.


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