Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Bugtong Bato Falls – Tibiao Antique

“Let it falls!” Lol! I’m just kidding. Today, we’ll bring you to the top and fall in love to the Bugtong Bato Falls in Tibiao Antique. No panting as you read through. Ehehehe. You will probably love this side trip at Bugtong Bato Falls. Take note, that if there is Seven Wonders of the World, Bugtong Bato Falls has seven falls (7 levels) also. We can be proud of this too for it can be only in the Philippines. Lol! The water from this falls is actually going to Tibiao River, if you remember it’s the river where I had my first encounter of white water kayaking. 

So, if you like to witness and experience the thrill, you can just tell the drivers in Tibiao Antique that you want to go to Bugtong Bato Falls which kalye Importante is definitely your stop over. The drivers are familiar to this place so there is no reason to worry of getting lost. If you’re able to reach the seventh level of the falls, you are definitely one of the strongest visitors of the place. Unlike our group which only survived till 3rd level of the falls. Yes, we weren’t maybe wearing our “fighting spirit” at that time to go till 7th level but we believe it was the best decision for our travel objective is to enjoy and never compromise safety during our adventure ;). 

Along the way, you will pass through the “all bamboo bridge”, rice terraces and those huge live rocks. Of course, we enjoyed also taking bath with the soothing water falling from above, hehehe. To be in that place is like I traveled to my childhood days and enjoyed climbing while having fun with the waters like a kid. However, the tiredness going up reminds me of the reality that I am no longer young and no longer own those strong bones. Lol! 

So guys, enjoy Bugtong Bato Falls and be safe. Also, I’m available for inquiries. 

jalda nyeoo sip sio! (Korean’s Bon Voyage )

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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Puka Beach - Boracay Island

I know for sure a lot of people like to visit Boracay Island of the Philippines - the island which sometimes labeled as paradise. Probably, the main reasons are their white sand and the beautiful faces they see roaming around the Island. Yes, of course those sexy celebrities. Lol! Well, I was one of them who dream to visit Boracay because of those reasons. I’m just being real, here. Lol!

As part of United Backpackers series of trips, I got the chance to visit and experience the white sand beaches of Boracay. Right straight from Antique, we were brought by the plane to Caticlan Airport. From the airport, we traveled by boat to Boracay Island. We roam around the vicinity of Boracay’s 3 stations. However, we chose to stop by for relaxation at Puka beach. This is because we’ve heard that only few know the place. So, we reached it by tricycle and stayed at Puka beach like we own the place. Hehehe. Puka beach is in the northern part of Boracay Island of Aklan province. I am not sure why they call it Puka beach but I think it’s probably because of the Puka shells you can find in the place –just being logical.

The United Backpackers really had fun at that time. Our short stay on that place was like a day or 2 worth of memories. As a proof, try to see the pictures below of how we enjoy our stay in the beautiful and peaceful Puka beach in Bora. 

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Monday, July 2, 2012

Silliman University

Hey pals, I’m on my way of posting a new blog post today. Last time, I brought you to Dumaguete’s Boulevard and the beautiful residential resort Tierra Alta. So, what’s next? Do you have any idea?

Come on! I won’t end my journey in Dumaguete without paying a visit to Silliman University. According to university’s official website, Silliman University is the oldest American institution in Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental. Seeing it in live is already an achievement so the United Backpackers didn’t miss the chance. We tour around the whole vicinity of one of the famous school in the Philippines.

It is so good that we had the chance to drop by at their library building. Most probably, their top students or wiz students usually hang out there. Since, we aren’t really up to hanging out with their wiz students. We moved to their freedom wall. We checked out their messages on it and pose also with the freedom wall as our background. Well, we’ve got freedom! We’ve seen also their ground with curve-shape chairs.It reminds me of a small movie theatre. It’s really unique and beautiful. Honestly, I don’t know how they call it. So, if you know let me know.

In fact, Dumaguete is not just known as the capital of Negros Oriental but also known for the refined, clever ambience represented by its most famous institution, Silliman University. Now, if you’re interested to visit the place make sure also to witness their amazing marine world. Dumaguete is also a gateway to nearby dive sites at Apo, Sumilon and Siquijor islands. That means non-stop fun all the way!

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