Friday, August 24, 2012

Cantabon Cave - Siquijor

One of the thrilling adventures for tourist that you would also love to try in Siquijor is caving. Let us have a crash course for caving first. They say that caving is a science of exploring the cave for fun. Caving sometimes called spelunking in USA and Canada. Yes, this may sounds fun and beautiful, right? However, a first timer like me felt excitement and fear in one when I had my chance to explore Cantabon Cave in Siquijor.

I think, if you are brave enough and with high stamina prepared then you will surely survive walking through inside the 1 kilometer Cantabon Cave. In my experience, I decided not to reach the endpoint of the cave. Why? Like I mentioned, I had mix emotions at that time. As far as I can remember, it was raining and my imagination of bad events was activated though we had 2 tour guides.  Imagine yourself getting inside a small hole which asks you to walk shrinking yourself then an earthquake hits that cave, what do you think will happen? It’s like burying you alive, right? Well, that was one of the weird imaginations I had. Good thing, it didn’t happen.

Inside, you can touch the rough and edgy stones and probably some of them are stalagmites I just didn’t notice it very well because I don’t have head lamp or flashlight on that adventure. This probably adds the fear I felt in going through to what they call tunnel before the exit point. Well, my stay inside the Cantabon Cave was memorable though. So, if you ask me I’d still recommend that you try caving in the future. In fact, I’d love to be with you when you do for I promised to myself that I won’t be afraid anymore as long as we got complete gears in hand.

Therefore, safety first is the key to feel real thrill and happiness in every travel and adventure that we will get involve with.

Sorry Folks, poor picture here. I am just only using my 2.0 MP phone camera.

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