Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Igutan Cave - Talisay City Cebu

One of the progressive cities in Cebu is Talisay City. It is no wonder that a lot of beautiful places hidden inside the city’s bosom. One of those is Igutan Cave. Now, if you’re like me who never thought that there is a hidden beauty of Igutan Cave in Talisay then you’d love to visit it as soon as possible. Well, if you’re from Mactan you need to travel at least 30 to 40 minutes via Cebu South Coastal Road. At least, you can avoid the heavy traffic but if you like you can still take the regular route by riding public utility vehicles or jeepneys.

You just need to bring some common safety tools like headlamp or flashlight so you’ll haveclearer vision as you get through those cranny pathways inside the cave. Yes, you need toget through of those to reach the falls inside. I even had bad feelings during our walk insidebecause I remembered the recent earthquake hit in Cebu City at that time. However, I can’t deny that when we reached the falls I enjoyed the water falling just like a shower in our bathroom. In fact, I even act like swimming in a pool without water. Lol! Well, if we can fly like superman without even bothering going up in the sky then I think it is cool having that swimming act too. Ehehehehe.

This adventure doesn’t really need much money so everyone can go there and enjoy too. If you need more information regarding the expenses just hit me a message below in my comment box. I would be glad to answer those inquiries.

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  1. what is the best time to go there? Thanks!

  2. For me, between 9am-1pm and in good weather conditions to enjoy the cave.

  3. Mark, will we need to get a guide to be here? or the place is easy to reach? Please advise. - Rey aka "Croco Dyle" in FB.

  4. Hi Croco Dyle,

    Thanks for visiting my blog.

    Nope, you don't need a guide just ask the locals there to reach the place.

  5. Whereabouts in Talisay is the cave at? Please provide me directions, i want to visit the natural beauty soon. :)

  6. My grandparents owned Igottan Cave. (Igottan not Igutan) Haha anyways thank you for spreading the word :) God bless you :)


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