Monday, September 17, 2012

Obong Spring in Dalaguete

Love is the reason why I’ve visited one of the most preferred summer destinations here in Cebu. Let us just say that my interest and love for this beautiful lady makes me act like a bee following where the beautiful flower goes. So, to my beautiful girlfriend this post is for you (as if I’m in a karaoke dedicating a song, lol.). I hope you still remember our memories in Obong Spring of Dalaguete Municipality.

Now, if you are interested to go there; you only need to travel the maximum distance of 88.49 km from the heart of Cebu City. Once you get there, you have to pay the affordable entrance fee. I believe it’s forthe maintenance of the place. I just hope they can keep it safe, clean and beautiful. In that way, a lot of people will have the chance to enjoy the Obong Spring.

Honestly, this travel wasn’t planned but it turned out to be enjoyable and memorable. Of course, it is because I was with my girlfriend plus the unique ambiance of the place. The place is also beautiful since it is really different from what I used to be in. Only, I wasn’t able to jump off to the water since the water level is not really that deep. I would like to do that since I really love water which gives me thrill. Lol!

Since you are reading this you must be a traveler too or just want to know where to go in the south for summer outing, right? Well, visit immediately the Obong spring today with your girlfriend, friends and family.

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