Monday, December 10, 2012

Gibitngil - The Funtastic Island of Medellin, Cebu

Where I have been at this time?

If you are an adventurous kind of person and you are not afraid of heights like me?... I will take you there in Medellin and let us explore their famous island (Gibitngil Island - also known as Funtastic Island). You can spend some quiet time alone on this Island with your friends and with your family. Here, you can do zip lining, kayaking, cliff jumping or just merely swimming and enjoying the crystal clear waters.

The island is gorgeous, so calming and with affordable cottages you can choose from. Small cottages ranging from Php50.00-Php150.00 and big kiosk on top is Php250.00 only. If you want to have a medium kiosk with diving board you can have it for Php200.00, so do with medium cottage with grilling area for Php200.00 only. An entrance fee of Php10.00 per person. There is no resort in the island. Gibitngil island is only using solar energy as source of electricity. I advise all visitors to bring their own foods, no restaurant available at the island as of this time.

For those seeking breathtaking adventure in Northern part of Cebu? Gibitngil Island is right for you. Try their cliff jumping (30-40 feet high). Though, it sounds fun but also a little scary. So worth it.

I could not believe that some people actually jump off the cliff. And you would never believe that I had a great time and I survived their tombstoning for 8 times. Hehehe. For your safety, make it sure that the water is deep enough. Safety must come first.

I would personally say that Gibitngil Island has it all and is an ideal place or funtastic place to be.

How to get there

From North Bus Terminal one could take any bus (Ceres Buses) heading to Medellin and is approximately a three-hour ride from North Bus Terminal. You can take and an airconditioned or  non-aircon bus. Php150.00 fare for an airconditioned and Php 143.00 for non aircon bus.

From barangay Kawit, Medellin you can hire a pumpboat for Php 1500.00 good for 20 people. 

 Enjoy the Funtastic Island...

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