Saturday, February 23, 2013

Osmeña Peak/Traverse to Kawasan Falls

In every scenario of our lives happened with an immense purpose and it was started when some of my friends invited me to join on their Osmeña Peak expedition. Indeed, it was a favorable situation because I have nothing to do on that day and it was my day off and I want something adventurous activity at this time.

Osmeña Peak is situated in Mantalongon, Dalaguete, Cebu also known as the “vegetable basket” of the province where most of the vegetable displayed in the market is freshly harvested. This mountain was named after the Osmeña’s family, an influential clan in the province. Thus, Osmeña Peak is proudly standing 1013 Meters Above Sea Level (MASL) and dubbed as the official highest peak of Cebu province. At the top of the mountain you will astound on the 360 degree breathtaking view in southern of Cebu, blue skies that perfectly reflected on the water, fresh mountain breeze, and the rugged peak formation of the mountain just like the chocolate hills of Bohol - it was incomparable.

We trekked for about 150 minutes from the jump off point going to the campsite and about 2-3 minutes from the campsite to the summit. The trail from Mantalongon going to the mountain is like walk-in-the-park because it is not steep and the trail is well established. We pitched. We cooked. We ate. We talked. We sleep. Unluckily, we were awakened at night by a ghastly sounds of the winds, lightning flash, roaring thunder followed by a heavy downpour of the rain. Furthermore, when we checked our backpack to get some extra clothes to change on the other day we were all shocked because it was all wet. Disappointment stroked – Courage fail off but there’s no time to think about that. "The show must go on" even in the presence of difficulties, we need to pursue what we had started in order for us to attain it.

The terrain was difficult going to the waterfall because it is very steep and slippery at that time. We lost the trail completely, the trail was so bad that we lost it many times, you need to grasp any vines and branches to keep your balance along the trail. With the help of the locals there, we arrived at Kawasan Falls unharmed and bear in mind that "safety must come first".

Unfortunately, local and foreign tourists are not allowed to visit Kawasan Falls at that time as mandated by Gov. Gwendolyn Garcia of the ongoing development and demolition of the spot for the natural restoration of the said place. We asked the locals if we can still enjoy and swim on the river/brook and they said "YES". Yahooooo! at last we can swim one of the most visually spectacular natural spring of Cebu (Kawasan Falls), particularly in Badian for us to which in turn, can help relieve muscles pain and stressed joints. Undeniably, we were happy and enjoyed the natural spring of Badian, Cebu "Kawasan Falls".

A BIG thank you to all the locals there and good to know  that they are willing to help us.

Happy Climbing Everyone.

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