Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Travel Safety Tips - Stay Safe While Travelling

In adventure, we know the fact that the world or a place is not safe. We don't really know what might happen next to our escapades.

To help you stay safe while travelling, follow these simple and common important tips on your trips.

1. Research - Do the research or try to check the place in the internet, do a quick reviews about the place.

2. Bag/Backpack - Light backpacking is very important. Bring only important things do not overload.

3. Money - Make it sure that you have enough budget please bring an extra money in every adventure. Always separate your sources of money while you are travelling. Keep at least one in a different place, this is very helpful.

4. Wallet - Do not keep your wallet or purse in your jean's back pocket to avoid being pickpocketed.

5. Waterproof - If possible, make sure that your bag is waterproof or bag with rain cover.

6. Shoes/Slippers - Always bring an extra shoes/slippers.

7. Gadgets - Don't bring all your gadgets while travelling. There is no better way to advertise the fact that you have all the expensive gadgets on you. Bring only what is important to you, this is for your safety.

8. Strangers - Do not trust strangers because it is hard to get to know the locals at a destination if you do not trust them but there are always limits to how much you should trust them when it comes to your personal safety. Safety must come first.

9. Belongings - Please do not leave your belongings unattended in public spaces. Keep them on your lap or wrap its strap around your leg.

10. Street Robbery - If you are mugged, give over your wallet, cellphones, watch etc. Just do it and walk away uninjured.

11. Credit Card - Be wary of using your credit card in any establishments while travelling to avoid some problems that might arise.

12. Malaria Pills - Take precautions against malaria when you visit areas at risk. Mosquito bites can be prevented if you will take malaria pills as advised by many.

13. Bottled Water - In the majority of countries in the world, one can not drink tap water because it's not clean enough, so therefore bottled water is the only option.

14. Medicine - Have a supply of medicine for self treatment of diarrhea.

15. Casual Sex - This is very important to all travellers..lols. Practice safe sex with condoms to prevent HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases.

Enjoy your travel Everyone! 
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