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Guest Post: Great Beaches Along Southern Cebu

A place for adventurers and waiting to be discovered by the rest of the traveling community, the southern coast of Cebu has created one of the stunning coastlines of white sand beaches, coves, cliffs and inviting clear water. Not to mention is the lively fisherfolk communities that make these areas more authentic.

Beaches in the southern towns of Cebu are mostly free from rowdy tourists and still “natural”, free from modern and commercialism of local tourism. It is in these beaches that you will feel that you own the beach – even if it is a public beach.

For those who want to experience beach bumming or beach hopping in the southern part of Cebu, here are five of the best beaches in Cebu’s southern region.

Tingko Beach, Alcoy
Image by Amacasero

Alcoy’s main beach, Tingko Beach is the closest to Cebu City and great for those who want to experience the stunning beaches of the south without traveling too far. The main attraction of the town, it remains very laidback offering relaxing beach getaways for visitors. This beach in Alcoy is noted for its clear water and longer white-sand shoreline accentuated with big limestone boulders. Alcoy’s beach is also a nice base camp for divers from resorts like Dive Point Alcoy.

White Beach, Moalboal
Image by coolnumber9

Moalbaoal is synonymous with diving but many visit this southern town for its beaches. As the name suggest, this is a white-sand beach. The shoreline is wider and longer, accommodating even large volumes of tourists during weekends and holidays. Like the rest of the great beaches along southern Cebu, its clear water lures beachgoers to White Beach in Moalboal.

Lambug Beach, Badian
Image by justpaulo

Badian has long been famous for its falls, Kawasan Falls but after decades of promoting local tourism, visitors discover more and more about this wonderful town in southern Cebu.  Aside from falls, visitors can spend their time along the beaches of Badian and one of these is Lambug Beach. White-sand stretching far enough for beachgoers to enjoy the shores that is totally unspoiled. It has enough space for campers to put up their tent or enjoy the sun and sand on a beautiful day.

Samboan beaches
Image by carolinemendz86

For those who want a beach along southern Cebu that is totally untouched by commercial tourism, head off to Samboan. The beaches here are small but will mark an impression for its soft sand, clear water and totally zero crowd. With its public beaches, you can just enjoy the beach with locals busy with their fishing.

Beaches of Boljoon
Image by poiadee

If you prefer to enjoy the beautiful shores of southern Cebu with complete amenities and facilities, plan your trip to Boljoon. A historically rich seaside town, Boljoon has many beaches  - long stretches to secluded coves. Boljoon has one of the many resorts in southern Cebu offering visitors choices, which are mostly budget-friendly. The town is just 30 minutes away from the famous Oslob whale shark watching.

If you want to enjoy the real beauty of Cebu’s beaches, look them in the southern region of the island. It is here where you can find the most stunning beaches that are not as crowded compered to other beaches while others are completely considered a local’s “secret”.

This post is written by Edgar M., he is a freelance travel agent and online marketing consultant of Divepoint Alcoy Resort.
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