Friday, October 31, 2014

Masskara Festival - Bacolod City (The City of Smiles)

The Masskara Festival is held each year during the 3rd week of October in Bacolod City, known for being a relatively friendly city and it bears the nickname "City of Smiles". The word "Masskara" was coined by the late AAB president Ely Santiago from the two words "mass" which means "many or a multitude of the people" and the Spanish "kara" meaning "face", thus means a multitude of smiling faces. A smiling mask created by the organizers to dramatize the Negrenses happy spirit.

Like any other Festivals they also have Masskara Street Dance Competition, competing different Barangays in Bacolod City with their colorful masked dancers gyrate to the infectious rhythm to the Latin musical beat in an astonishing display of proficiency, array, coordination and stamina.

Some highlights of their Festivals are the beauty pageant, drum and bugle corps competitions, sports events, food festivals, carnivals, musical concert and electric masskara (so sad :( I was not able to witness their electric masskara) better luck next time :).

Masskara Dance Competition

 Masskara Street Dance Contest

Masskara Dance Competition

Me in the crowd, great experience indeed. I really enjoyed the Festival and I would like to say thank you/we (Me, Neil and Jed) THANK YOU! Darwin Asuncion for providing the accommodation free of charge during our stay in Bacolod City.
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